image of the mixroom creative workspace

Built specifically for tracking… built specifically for mixing…
... just makes sense.

Recording tracks here or around town:

I can record you here in our tracking room:
$100 per 8/hr. day or 5 days for $400.

Whether you want me to produce your project with you, or just mix tracks you’ve already recorded, I'd like to check you out live, or at rehearsal so I can get a feel for your style and direction. This is my pre-production time investment. No charge to you.

When recording is done, it's time to be
Mixed & Mastered at MixRoom:RED:

  • Mixed & Mastered:
    1-3 songs, ea
  • Mixed & Mastered:
    4+ songs,ea.
  • Mixed & Mastered:
    8+ songs, ea
  • Mastering Only:
    1-7 songs, ea
  • Mastering Only:
    8+ songs, ea

When a clock is eating your money, it tempts you to hurry up and compromise… There’s no clock here. Just a flat rate. Less tension, better music.


  • CDR/DVD Project Archives, $45 each
  • CDR Reference, $5 each
  • Audio files upload or send, $0 no charge

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